Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

So, this is my first blog post. Please be patient. I can already tell that Anat is better than me at this. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed today in a procedure that was surprisingly quick and painless. Right now I am in that limbo stage where my mouth is still numb from novocaine so I have yet to experience any pain. Actually the 5mg of hydrocodone I took an hour ago is making me feel pretty good at the moment. I guess when the novocaine wears off I will be hurting. I'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Funny Little Story

Also, by Anat:

Today we were in Panera Bread studying in this morning. Well, I always focus on these little stupid details in all our classes. Mike thinks I'm stupid for doing this, and he always rolls his eyes and tells me to move on, but he has yet to learn that I do this because they test on those details. Every class, and every time, the find the stupidest details. You just have to learn to jump through the hoops. All of them. No matter how stupid they are. If they want me to learn all these little "benign" blood disorders, I'll learn them.

Hey, if you want me in a monkey suit, playing a tambourine and dancing, I'll do it. Just give me my degree.

So Mike has yet to learn this, apparently. Although he keeps claiming he has. I think he's still learning. Anyway, today at Panera we were ordering. Our biochem professor, Dr. Kaplan, the head of the class came in. I smiled and nodded, and I thought Mike did the same. I guess he hadn't seen him.

Dr. Kaplan kept right by standing directly behind us, while adding to his coffee while we waited for food. Mike turned to me, so I was facing him and Dr. Kaplan and said, "Have you ever heard of this Fletcher Factor? I had no idea what that was!".

I thought he was being weird, and somehow trying to hint to our professor that he was a jerk for putting in such an obscure disease.

Oh, gotta go do real work now. Ask Mike to finish the story.

First Post

First post is by a guest blogger: Anat.

Mike doesn't think this is a very good idea. Well, he keeps flip-flopping between thinking it's stupid and getting stars in his eyes, thinking one day he will be a famous blogger. Maybe just maybe people will think his writing is so genius they will pay him to publish it into book format. And everyone who's anyone will have a hardcover copy on their tablecloth. Dream on, Mike, dream on.

He has to post first. And instead he's too busy going over epidemiology terms with his group. Tomorrow is the group final, and we are furiously defining words like Nominal Data and Random Variation. Hold on to your seats kids, it doesn't get any crazier than this.

Our group agreed to meet at noon, and fifteen minutes later we are still waiting for FuCheng to show up. Jane already emailed us that she will not attend. She also chided us a little, telling us we should look over the questions. That's why we're meeting, dear Jane. Like we were the ones not attending the meeting, she's instructing us to look at them.

Are we happy biochem is over? Mike feels he's not getting the excited response he deserves. Everyone is trying to rein in their feelings. One slip, and we can go from an epidemiology group working on practice problems to a freshman-dorms style frat party. You bring the keg. I'll bring the party.

Well, things at the union are starting to slow down. The PTs are all finishing their lunch and trailing off to their classes. I think I heard them discussing techniques on how to instruct patients to walk, so they can analyze their gait.

I guess Mike will let you know next time something interesting happens.